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Heating Pads

Herbal heating Pads

Our herbal, microwavable heating pads are made in the U.S.A.. There are 2 very different types of heating pad available, our aromatherapy heating pads have 13 different 100% natural aromatherapy herbs and beads, while our moist heating pad contains no herbs or spices for an scent-free healing and relaxation session. We have a large variety of herbal and non-herbal heating pads, so if you do not see a product that you are looking for Email Us.

Our Neck and Shoulder pack is a heating pad which is perfect for relieving stress in the upper back, shoulder, and whole neck at the same time! The Neck and Shoulder herbal heating pad is 18"wide x 12"deep semi-circular, and has a natural, comfortable half-circle shape when laid flat on a table. This shape gives you the most variety of uses and the most contact over to your body. The Neck and Shoulder Pack is our most popular heating pad. Its unique design conforms easily around the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, chest, stomach, and knees to give hot therapy. It is great for treating bursitis, tendonitis, sprains/strains, and many other conditions. For more info or to order our neck and shoulder pack click here.

Our Lumbar 3-in-1 Herbal Pack Our Low back lumbar 3-in-1 herbal pack is our largest heating pad measuring 10" x 12" and can be used on the back, stomach, or chest where a greater surface area needs hot therapy. When you heat them in the microwave, the 3-in-1 herbal heating pad provides a variety of medical benefits by absorption into the skin and through aromatherapy. It takes only 1-2 minutes to produce that perfect soothing heat. For more info or to order our lumbar 3-in-1 herbal pack click here.

Item # NSHP - List $38.95 
On Sale for $28.95!



Item # lhp - List Price $24.00:
On Sale for $19.95!




Our Lavender Eye shade is great way for you to drift off to sleep from the combination of our wider designed black out shading, as well as our sleepy lavender scent. Measuring 8 1/2" x 4 1/2" this Eye Shade Lavender Herbal Pack can block out the light, provide aromatherapy, and help you drift off peacefully. Our hot and cold pack are made with the purest barley and flax seed beads and herbs. Our packs do not add any fillers that include rice or buckwheat which are cheaper but will not provide the even heating distribution and retention that the more expensive barley and flaxseed beads will allow for. For more info or to order our lavender eye shade click here.


With our Lower Back Belt heating pad and cold pack you can get a snug fit and comfortable treatment to the whole lower back area. With our lower back belt herbal pack you can walk around while getting a snug fit and comfortable treatment to the whole lower back area. You will find this lower back belt heating pad to be a great fit regardless of your size, with an overall 60" length and a 20" lower back herbal pack, and a simple Velcro closure. The Back Belt is a long heating pad with a a belt attached to it. It is designed to go around your lower back, stomach and down your spine, but has many other uses. The lower back belt herbal heating pad is very comfortable to walk around with and will provide you with easy to use therapy on the go! For more info or to order our lower back belt pack click here.



Item # LEP - List $18.95 ea. 
On Sale for $11.95



Item # BBHP - List $34.00 
On Sale for only $24.95




Our Basic Herb Pack is compact, flexible, and portable for treating any area of your body. Made in the USA, our high quality basic herb pack is perfect for treating the lower back. You can use it anywhere, anytime for cool or warm relief. Our 100% natural aromatherapy herbal pack is perfect for healing and relaxing. Sized conveniently at 12" x 6", you can use the basic herb pack heating pad almost anywhere on your body. For more info or to order our basic herbal pack click here. 


Our Heated Herbal Slippers are a great hot therapy pack . Our heated slippers can help people who want to warm up their cold evenings or to keep your feet warm if you have circulation problems. It works great for diabetics or for just for giving yourself instant herbal heating pad warmth. One of the best parts about the Heated Slippers with Herbal Aroma Therapy is that you do not have to take the slippers off to reheat them, just take the removable Aromatherapy pack out and reheat it. For more info or to order our heated herbal slippers click here.

Item # BHP - List $18.95 
On Sale for only $13.95!


Item # HSP - Was $54.95 
On Sale for $29.95 Per Pair


When you slide your hands into the Hand Warming Mitten by Heavens Therapy, you will find that in no time at all your hands are warm and soothed by the 13 herbs in barley and flaxseed for even heat distribution. With the oven-mitt size and design, almost anyone can fit their hand into the Hand Warming Mitten. For an added home touch in the kitchen, use the herbal mitt instead of a regular oven mitt for the soothing herbal aromatherapy while you   Click here to learn more.


Our Warm Herbal Hand Packs will greatly help to warm up when it is cold outside. Just slip in the heated pack and put the mittens on for up to 45 minutes of hot therapy. After just one use of our Foot and Hand Warmer Herbal Heat Pack and you will never want to be anywhere cold without it! Our new Foot and Hand Warmer Herbal herbal heating pad is just what the doctor ordered. The open design means you can wear them as a mitten on your hand or as a slipper on your feet. This hot and cold pack has no surface meant for walking on, so settle in for a good nights rest with our Foot and Hand Warmer Herbal heated pack. Sold by the pair. For more info or to order our Herbal Hand Warmers click here.

Item # MITT - List $24.95 Each
On Sale for $16.95

Item # MITT - List $48.95 Per Pair
On Sale for $29.95



Item # HHP - List $34.95 
On Sale for $29.95 Per Pair

The Herbal Elbow Wrap can benefit you on many ways. Regardless if you need a hot pack for heat therapy or a cold pack for cool compress, you will find this heated pack to be a wonderful joint pack. You can use this herbal heating pad on your elbow, knee, ankle, or any other similar joint. If you need a cool compress, hot compress, or even as a moist heat source. The Herbal Elbow and Joint Therapy Pack can be used on elbow and knee, or the larger area of your arms and legs. The Herbal Elbow and Joint Therapy Pack has 2 Velcro straps on each end, meaning that you can use this heated pack on many parts of your body. For more info or to order our Herbal Elbow Wrap click here.

The Heavens Therapy Wrist Pain Relief Wrap can be used on your wrist and hand to reduce swelling due to wrist tendinitis or other wrist pain, relieve pain, improve circulation and of course warm your wrist and hand! Your wrist is a tender joint which can be easily injured, and use of a hot pack or cold pack is a great way to help relieve pain and heal the damage. You will find that even the pain from Carpel Tunnel and sprains will ease when you use this for moist heat or soothing cold therapy wrist pain relief. A hole in the hot and cold pack allows your thumb to penetrate through, then a Velcro strap holds the herbal heating pad in place and can help stabilize the wrist. Click here to learn more.

Item # HEJP - List $26.00 
On Sale for $19.95



Item # HWP - List $26.95 
On Sale for $19.95



Non-herbal heating pads

Our unscented hot pack line contains a special type of beads that absorb moisture from the air, then release that moisture when heated. This hot therapy hot pack is simple to use: Microwave, and enjoy! Soothing pain and tension relief is only minutes away when our microwavable hot pack is in your hands. These hot packs cannot be used as cold packs or cold therapy.

TheraBeads King Size Pack the super-sized microwavable hot pack is 12"x16", so it offers a large hot therapy coverage area. Ideal for treating the upper and lower back simultaneously. Along with your lower back, you can use these heating pads You can use this heated pack anywhere there is a microwave, since there is no scent to disturb people around you.


TheraBeads Collar is specially contoured for a great fit. Heat this hot pack in the microwave for only a few seconds and it offers moist heat to evenly surround the area. Great for colds and sore throats! You can rejuvenate the collar shaped heating pad by simply leaving it in the open air for 1-2 hours to absorb moisture from the air, or spray a light mist of water over the surface of the pack. Measures 6 1/2 in. x 22 in. Includes cover.


Item # TBKB - Was $39.95
On Sale for $35.95




Item # TBNC
$29.95 each




TheraBeads Neck Rest This microwavable hot pack helps to relieve neck and shoulder pain. This heated pack offers pillow like support while distributing moist heat evenly to neck and shoulder muscles. One heat pack fits most. Neck rest size: 13 in. x 10 in. Includes cover.

TheraBeads Body Compress This microwavable hot pack is sized right at  8"x12", and can deliver all of  the moist heat your hips, knees, feet, and other body parts need. Just put it in the microwave for a minute or two, it will release moisture acquired from the air and give you the soothing moist heat that you need.

 Item # TBNR -
$26.95 each




Item # TBB - Was $28.95 ea.
On Sale for $26.95




For Volume and wholesale pricing, click here to email us.

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