Memory Feet™ Orthotic Insoles

Foot doctors have long touted the benefits of walking barefoot on the wet sand at the beach because of how it makes exact impressions of your feet,
which gives support to both the joints and arch of your foot.

We designed our Orthotic Insoles to Replicate this support

What sets our Orthotic Insoles apart?

The reversible, unique, triple layer insole construction also offers the ability to use the more breathable black surface or you can use the extra gripping and softer grey side for more traction and contouring. While the 3/8 inch profile is a bit thicker than the traditional orthotic insole, the ability of the memory foam to make a deep impression of the foot will allow the orthotic to fit comfortably in any shoe. Flat feet, high arches, corns, dropped metatarsals, plantar fascitis or other abnormalities of the foot all get the pressure relieving effects of memory foam, the shock-reducing effects of high density foam, and the moisture-wicking and breathability of light, stretchable top and bottom foam layers. Only our memory foam orthotic insoles offer you the highest available density of visco-elastic memory foam made in the U.S.A. for increased longevity and extra support.

What Inspired the Design of Memory Feet™?

Foot doctors have long touted the benefits of walking barefoot on the wet sand at a beach due to its ability to make exact impressions of your feet, thereby offering an imprint that will contour to the exact shape of the foot and will support the arch and foot joints. Up until now, there was no other way to replicate this type of foot forming surface for everyday use, as only the beach had the ability to offer a renewed surface with each step, thanks to the replenishing force of the waves.

After years of research, our medical team was able formulate a very special three layer visco-elastic memory foam insole that utilizes the same technology originally created by NASA to support astronauts during the heavy G forces applied to the body during space flight. With an unprecedented 1/4 inch thick layer of memory foam sandwiched between two shock absorbing layers of foam, you will feel the complete contouring of your foot as it sinks in with each step, but then comes back to its original form.

Memory feet for exercise and comfort.

memory feet orthotic insoles

Memory Feet™

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The Memory Feet™ orthotic insoles respond to the unique curves and pressures of your foot with every movement you make, whether walking, running, playing, or exercising. Wearing the Memory Feet™ Insoles is like cradling your feet in a soft pillow all day long. They fit into absolutely any shoe, sandal, boot or slipper. The Memory Feet™ Insoles make you feel refreshed and recharged, ready to take on the day’s challenges. They literally create an enveloping, cushion feeling that will introduce you to a wonderful state of mind every day. Each purchase of the Memory Feet™ orthotic insoles will come with a pair of One size fits all insoles that you can very easily trim to size using the template provided with each pair. The Memory Feet™ orthotic insoles go as large as size 12, but can be cut down to fit any smaller size foot.

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