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Do you remember all of those times your mother told you to sit up straight? Turns out she was right. Correct posture not only improves the health and flexibility of your back, but also improves your confidence and appearance. The majority of the most powerful people in the world stand with their head high and shoulders back. Now, even if you didn’t listen to mother, you can have the better look and feel that comes from good posture. Our posture support brace secures above your waist and wraps around your shoulders, pulling the top of your stomach in and your shoulders back.

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Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.

A Doctor’s Perspective

“I have recommended this Posture Support Brace for my patients who have developed a forward slump from overuse of the pectoral and scalene muscles. This forward slump develops often times from prolonged activities such as computer use, reading, nursing a baby, driving, and sitting on an unsupportive couch. Using this brace will retrain the upper body posture, as well as take pressure off those tired and sore muscles. after just using this brace for a short period of time you will begin the retraining process of those muscles and therefore help reduce the dependence on the brace itself.”

Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.

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