Walking With the Wise™

Because there’s no heavy medical jargon or complex ideology

You can easily read and understand every word in this book

Imagine having some of the most respected specialists in their fields giving you advice on how to live healthy and improve your vitality.

Perhaps you dream having an expert such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D. help you learn to fight aging. Or maybe you wish you could have Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe, a world renowned nutritionist and lecturer, finally explain to you why all your past diets have failed. Now, thanks to Mentors Magazine, you can have 30 of the most educated and sought after professionals, including Dr. Phil McGraw, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and our own Dr. Rick Swartzburg, help you to improve every facet of your lifestyle. This book contains a plethora of expert advice on practices ranging from positive addictions to bodybuilding. You can change your lifestyle, Walking with the Wise can help you.

With more than 30 chapters which explain by example how positive and negative situations affect our lives, Walking With The Wise could be the key to unlocking your inner strength and wisdom. This book makes a great addition for your coffee table.

Walking with the Wise

Walking With the Wise™


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In addition to helping reduce and prevent pain, we have a wonderful book from the publishers of Mentors magazine. The book Walking with the Wise contains chapters from all of the modern-day experts like Dr. Phil McGraw, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and our own esteemed Dr. Rick Swartzburg. You will find topics like Possible causes and solutions for asthma, Why many diets do not work, positive addictions, and even bodybuilding! Our quantities of this outstanding book are limited, so order your copy today, for health and vitality! Click here for more information and to order your copy today!

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