Lavender Eye Shades

Our eyeshades are made with the purest lavender, barley and flaxseed beads.

Lavender is a popular herb known to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. The flowering tops of the lavender plant have been used for centuries to help relieve migraines and headaches. It is great for relaxation during meditation, and can also help with insomnia, allowing you to get longer and more restful sleep. None of our packs include rice or buckwheat fillers which are cheaper but will not provide the even heating distribution and retention that the more expensive barley and flaxseed beads provide. The eyeshades can be used cold to reduce puffiness around the eyes.
For cold therapy, simply freeze or refrigerate before use. (The Lavender Eyeshades should not be heated.)

Lavender Eye shades

Lavender Eyeshades™

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Our Lavender Eyeshades are a great way for you to dream off to sleep! They feature a wider design for black-out shading, an elastic band to hold them snugly in place, and the heavenly, sleep-inducing aroma of pure lavender.
Measuring 8 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ this Lavender Eyeshade Herbal Pack can block out the light, provide healing aromatherapy, and help you drift off to sleep peacefully.

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