The Power of Cherry

Tart Cherries Have Amazing Health Properties

TheraCherry™ Is More Powerful Than Other Fruits & Vegatables

What Makes Cherries Better?

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    Over 22xs Higher Flavanoid When Compared to Green Tea

    TheraCherry contains 10% Flavanoids by volume. Compare this with only .4 percent flavanoid content found in brewed green tea.

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    50,000 Times the Melatonin

    Natural Melatonin works much more efficiently than synthetic pill form, so the fact that each capsule contains 10.82 mcg of Melatonin at first glance may not seem significant, but it is 50,000 times greater by volume than the foods that are rich in Melatonin.

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    Contains 25% of Polyphenols

    At 25% Polyphenols, TheraCherry packs one of the highest percentage of Polyphenols in a whole fruit supplement.

Few People Will Consume Enough Tart Cherries to Impact Their Health

That’s why we created TheraCherry™

  • Targets Muscles, Joints, Tendons, Bursa, Ligaments and Nerves For Optimal Support and To Help Increase Flexibility.
  • Highest Natural Source of Melatonin For Better Sleep and Help Prevent The Daytime Drowsiness Associated With Time Zone Changes.
  • Proven peer reviewed scientific studies back TheraCherry’s Effectiveness (please email us or call us at 800 667-1969 if you would like to read the scientific data).
  • Tested By Brunswick Laboratory and Shown To Contain Over 100 Xs More ORAC Antioxidant Potency Than Whole Tart Cherries and Blueberries, 16 Xs more than Tart Cherry Juice and 8 Xs More Potent Than Many Tart Cherry Powder Supplements.
  • 100% Made In The U.S.A. From Montmorency Tart Cherries With High Level Of Anthocyanin Cherry Skins. ONLY TheraCherry’s patented formula collects the majority of the very Anti-Oxidant Rich Tart Cherry Skin VS. Other formulations that far less antioxidant rich inside portion of the cherry.
  • Compare to Solgar, Solaray and other Tart Cherry Concentrate Formulations By Looking At Laboratory Results We Display On this Page.

  • What Makes Thera Cherry™ Different?

    TheraCherry™ takes the highest quality whole Montmorency tart cherries and converts them to capsule form, retaining all of the Cherry color and flavor. In fact, we spent over three times the average price of Montmorency cherries to ensure our cherries had the highest guaranteed level of anthocyanins, polyphenols, flavanoids, and melatonin content. With these high quality Montmorency tart cherries, we found that just two capsules of Thera Cherry equals over 40 tart cherries worth of Anthocyanins.

    Melatonin level chart

    TheraCherry offers the most beneficial kind of heart-healthy fiber, as it naturally contains potent antioxidants from the skin of the tart cherry. TheraCherry’s concentrated tart cherry skins contain over 100 times the high antioxidants you would get from eating whole cherries, blueberries and other high antioxidant rich fruit. With such a high composition of soluble and insoluble fiber, taking TheraCherry may be one of the best ways to add fiber to your diet. TheraCherry contains a 19 times higher percentage of the high antioxidant fiber over eating whole cherries! Tests by Brunswick Laboratories showed that whole tart cherries deliver approximately 2,000 ORAC units per 100 grams. This figure makes cherries one of the highest antioxidant fruits. At over 210,000 ORAC units per 100 grams, TheraCherry’s high tart cherry skin content brings its ORAC levels to over 100 times what whole fruit and, therefore, far and away the most potent whole fruit antioxidant in the world!

    Tart Cherry Antioxidant Chart

    What Are Other Benefits of TheraCherry™:

    • Anthocyanins
    • Polyphenols
    • Flavanoids
    • Melatonin
    • Fiber
    • Potassium
    • Beta Carotene

    30-Day Guarantee

    We’re so sure you will love TheraCherry™ that it comes with a 30-day, full money-back guarantee!

    Read our Guarantee

    TheraCherry™ – New and Improved

    100 Times More Potent ORAC Value Than Whole Cherries & Blueberries!

    Our unique new extract process allows us to extract more of the antioxidant, melatonin, vitamin and fiber rich Montmorency tart cherry skin, for a dramatically more powerful result.

    Tart Cherry Supplement Capsules



    Call us at 1 (800) 667-1969 to order*

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    60 capsules will give you a full months supply of TheraCherry™. Each two-capsule dose of TheraCherry capsule contains enough Anthocyanins to equal 40 Montmorency tart cherries. TheraCherry® does not use any preservatives or color additives. Each TheraCherry capsule contains pure Montmorency cherries that have been de-stemmed and de-pitted, crushed, and pressed to remove the excess water, but not at the expense of losing any of the valuable tart cherry properties. No processing is necessary, so you are getting the purest form of tart cherry available!

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