The World’s First 3 in 1 Memory Foam Pillow!

The Problem

People have always had a hard time finding the right size pillow thickness to support the neck properly. Even if the right size was able to be found, the support and comfort weren’t there.

The Solution

Introducing the Trillow™, the first 3 in 1 pillow that can give you an unheard of ability to chose the custom size and shape of your pillow. Never before has any pillow had the versatility of flexibility of the Trillow™ memory foam pillow. The Trillow™ is unique due to its removable outer shell with two pillows inside the first pillow! Our Trillow™ also comes with an unheard of 5-year warranty!

Trillow memory Pillow

The Trillow™ Features:

  • Changeable pillow thicknesses from 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches.
  • Orthopedic support for you
  • Cervical Lordotic curve.
  • Dual layer, pillow in pillow design can become two smaller pillows, including a round bolster design.
  • High Density, 4lb., memory foam made in the U.S.A.

  • Benefits of the Trillow™

    Figure 1

    Trillow Memory Foam Pillow

    The Trillow™ comes to you in a zippered velour cover which for many people is the ideal way to use this pillow. The thicker side is 5.5″ and the narrower side is 4.5″ thick. The contour shape allows your head to rest well either on side or back sleeping positions. Although our Trillow is a dual layer, wrapped design, if you never separated the layers, you could use it everyday during its 5-year warranty period and never know that it even could be disassembled. This is due to its snug fit that acts just like it is one complete pillow by permanently gripping both layers together.

    Figure 2

    Trillow 3-in-1 Memory Foam pillow

    Because the Trillow™ is made to be a 3 in 1 one pillow with another two pillows inside the first pillow. If you feel like you would prefer a smaller pillow, unzip the outer cover and take the outer shell off of the pillow. When you remove the shell from the Trillow, you get a lower profile, meaning that if you are uncomfortable with a 6″ thick contour pillow, you can now rest on either the 3″ or the 4″ side. This is often preferred while resting on your back or stomach.

    Figure 3

    Trillow Memory Foam Bolster Pillow

    You can also roll the outer shell to use as a neck roll (extra bolster pillow case sold separately). This will give you two pillows, a bolster and a 4 inch thick contoured memory foam pillow. You can lay the neck roll into the contoured section of the pillow to create a taller pillow, where your shoulders rest on the lower section of the pillow, neck on the rolled portion, and head on the higher portion of the pillow. You can also use the neck roll to be more comfortable while sitting in a recliner or chair.

    Optional Cover

    Trillow Memory Foam Bolster Pillow Cover

    The Optional Cover for the bolster shape of Trillow Outer shell when rolled up gives you a nicer finished look and plush feeling to the outer cover should you decide to go with the thinner inside Trillow pillow and roll up the outer layer into a bolster like depicted to the left.

    Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.

    A Doctor’s Perspective

    “I have found that the Trillow has the unique ability to fit side sleepers as well as back sleepers. The pillow inside a pillow concept works because my patients that need a thicker pillow can use it the way it comes, where as the patients that desire a smaller pillow, get two pillows for their money. The smaller four inch pillow works great for back sleepers or smaller shoulder individuals who sleep on their sides. This pillow has the unique ability to contour the shape of the neck and head, but retains its height and is able to level out a person’s spinal alignment. The patients that have tested this pillow report a better support than their previous pillows, with an increase in comfort. When the smaller pillow is used, my patients have really appreciated having the ability to roll the outside pillow into a bolster for their neck for traveling and reclining at home.”

    Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.


    “After a few nights getting used to the different feel of the Trillow, I have found that I sleep with a lot less tossing and turning. My neck feels more relaxed and my GERD gives me less trouble. It looks odd, but it works.”Ralph, Arroyo Grande, CA

    “I bought the Trillow for extra neck support when I slept, but I have to let everybody know that I received the unexpected benefit of no longer snoring since I have been sleeping on the Trillow. The pillow is very comfortable, high quality feeling and definitely worth every penny I paid and then some!Ted Roderick, Woodland Hillls, CA

    Trillow memory PillowMemory pillow bolster pillow cover

    The World’s First 3 in 1 Memory Foam Pillow!

    The Trillow

    $139 – $99.95 On Sale

    The Optional Cover


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