Herbal Heat Packs


Lower Back Belt Herbal Pack

With our Lower Back Belt Herbal Pack you can walk around while getting a snug fit and comfortable treatment to the whole lower back area. You will find this lower back belt hot pack and cold pack to be a great fit regardless of your size, with an overall 60″ length and a 20″ lower back herbal pack, and a simple Velcro closure.

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Basic Herbal Heat Packs

Our high quality Herbal Heat Packs are small herbal packs designed to be used anytime for quick, convenient, hot or cold therapy and aromatherapy. The Herbal Heat Pack is great for arthritis, tension headaches, stress relief and many other common ailments such as congestion.

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Lavender Eye Shades

Our eyeshades are made with the purest lavender, barley and flaxseed beads. It is great for relaxation during meditation, and can also help with insomnia, allowing you to get longer and more restful sleep.

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Neck and Shoulder Herbal Pack

Our Neck and Shoulder pack is a perfect hot and cold pack for relieving stress in the whole neck, upper back, and shoulder at the same time! The neck and shoulder pack covers the most area and its unique design conforms easily around the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, chest, stomach, and knees to give hot therapy. It is great for treating bursitis, tendonitis, sprains/strains, and many other conditions.

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