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Original Therapain® and New  
Therapain Plus® Natural Topical Pain Relievers


If you are interested in the NEW Therapain Plus®, a topical pain relieving formula plus Glucosamine and MSM, click here to be taken to this page. 

(The original Therapain® has been around for many years and has countless testimonials from around the world.  Therapain Plus® is our new product, combining the proven ingredients of Therapain with Glucosamine and MSM.  This special product has been exclusively formulated for Relief-Mart.)


Original Therapain allows Arthritis sufferers temporary relief to pursue daily routines and enjoy more freedom of movement to help speed up the natural healing process. Athletes can use Therapain for warm-up, during and after events. Strength and endurance is enhanced with more confidence. Use Therapain for every day work related soreness and fatigue with a simple spray or roll-on application

The pleasant peppermint smell provides Aromatherapy which is said to promote a feeling of well being and comfort. Anxiety and tension seem to disappear as the pain is reduced. The Therapain formula provides a nerve blocking effect. It is also an analgesic and counter irritant. Therapain provides a soothing cold and then warm feeling that will last from one to five hours depending on the severity of the condition and amount applied. Therapain gradually reaches its full strength in approximately 20 minutes. Enjoy the benefits of Therapain every day. As an added advantage, the unique delivery systems forms a protective barrier to keep Therapain working like an invisible pain relief bandage and is water resistant. Make sure to liberally apply Therapain over and surrounding the entire painful area. Enjoy the benefits of Therapain every day.

A Doctor's Perspective

Patients tell me that this formula works quickly and lasts longer than other types they have used.  Patients who use the roll-on enjoy the benefits of the more concentrated delivery and fine white patch like film coating on the skin, and feel that it works to trap in the ingredients and allow it to penetrate for a longer period of time.  The patients who use the spray formula feel that it penetrates quicker and is easier to apply, and does not leave the fine white film coating on the skin.  Therapain Plus take this amazing formula one step further by adding MSM and Glucosamine, but if budget is an issue, original Therapain is the next best product for relieving my patients pain fast and effectively!

-Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.


Herbal properties formulated in Therapain have been well known World Wide for centuries.   Modern Technology combined with ancient practices make Therapain an excellent drug-free  alternative for the treatment  of common body pain without the fear of drowsy side effects, numbing agents, or re-injury of  pre-existing conditions.  Therapain is topically applied and can be liberally re-applied as necessary, up to four times daily. Therapain roll-on leaves a temporary fine white film residue over the skin to better trap in the nutrients similar to how a patch would work.  The spray formula still uses the unique Therapain delivery system, but without the white patch like residue.  Therapain is a safe, natural and effective formula designed to temporarily relieve the symptoms of most common aches, pains, and discomfort associated with arthritis.  The benefit of Therapain comes from highly purified natural Menthol and its unique delivery system.  The best in the world!  Each bottle contains  the following ingredients:  Natural l-Menthol 7.5%, Isopropyl Alcohol, Water, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and a natural Skin Conditioner.  Read label for directions.  

Item# STB - Therapain®   $16.95
Online discount: $12.95 

Only $3.95 S&H total for all bottles ordered anywhere in the U.S.
(no additional shipping cost when ordered with any other product)





Our Commitment to You

At Relief-Mart we are committed to bringing  you only the highest quality health products at an everyday low price.  We are so convinced that our products work that we  will refund your total purchase price within 30 days if you are not 100% satisfied (see our guarantee for more information).

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* Some items are shipped by special order only. Please see our shipping policy page for more information.


Free shipping on orders of $75 or more!

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