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Learn why a Memory Foam mattress is exactly what the doctor ordered to help you with low back pain and neck pain.


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Back Pain Treatment

Back pain can be difficult to cope with in everyday life. Simple things like reaching for something, repetitive or strenuous lifting, and even driving can put further strain on the supporting muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the upper, middle and low back.  It is said that 4 out of 5 people will experience back pain at some time in their life. The vertebra of the lower back are connected by ligaments which attach bone to bone, and tendons that connect muscle to bone.  The main lower back muscles maintain the arch in the spine known as the lordotic curve, while the upper back maintain a reverse curve known as kyphosis.  These curves can be changed by injuries and weakening of these muscles.  When the lower back and upper back lose it's normal curves, injury and back pain become an increasing risk.  Ligaments and muscles of the back may be injured through a traumatic tearing of the fibers known as a sprain (ligament tearing) and strain (muscle tearing).  When dealing with back pain and injuries, relief and support products can become extremely important to the healing process.   Delaying back pain treatment can lead to further injury and eventually become what is known as chronic back pain.  Chronic back pain is much more difficult to treat, as it has occurred for over six months and has likely lead to inactivity and dysfunction of the spine.  While it is always recommended that you seek out advice from your own personal doctor for any back pain that you may have, the following are some very crucial back pain relief and back support products that our site advisor, Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C. has chosen to offer for upper back and lower back pain sufferers.  As the Author of the  #1 Back Pain Site, he has made it his personal mission to bring the highest quality back support products available today.

Back Support Belt

If You Thought that your Back Support Belt Didn't Work...You Were Probably Right!

Click here for a larger picture and belt specs.

Introducing SacroTech, the worlds first support Belt for the LumboSacral region with the Patented* Mechanical Advantage

 Why it really works:

The Problem:

For years doctors have been searching for a way to stabilize the LumboSacral area of the back after an injury or during what is termed an acute flair-up (an increase of inflammation and tenderness to a past trouble spot).  The problem was that no Lumbar belts on the market could offer enough direct compression to allow the joints to stabilize during the healing process.

The Solution:

Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C. utilized his clinical experience in treating LumboSacral pain and injury patients and merged it with Biocybernetics patented mechanical pulley system to bring you a brand-new belt that uses a patented mechanical pulley system that can actually apply 6Xs the compression to give enough support to the much harder to control area of the both Sacro-iliac Joints and L4-L5, L5-S1 vertebrae.  This will allow spine to hold its proper alignment and not continue to cause further injury during the healing process. 


Use of the Sacrotech for the LumboSacral L4-5, L5-S1 Joints.

Use of the Sacrotech for the Sacroiliac Joints.

The unique Patented design will apply a customizable amount of pressure to your sacroiliac and/or lower lumbar region. Simply pull on the side strap to allow the belt to cinch together, thereby applying desirable supportive compression to the sacroiliac joints or lower lumbar vertebrae. The single pull strap uses a mechanical advantage pulley system to give you six times the amount of support that you could manually supply to help relieve muscle and joint pain with conventional belts on the market. Once you have added the correct amount of pressure for you, place the pull-tab on the belt.  It's slim design will allow to wear it under clothes without any visibility.


One reason that doctors, therapists and their patients cannot seem to find a Sacro-Iliac Joint or lower lumbar belt that works well is because most sacroiliac belts do not add a significant amount of pressure to the Sacroiliac joints without over compressing the whole hips and pelvis.  Most lower lumbar belts are too bulky and cannot isolate enough pressure over the L4 and L5 vertebrae to hold them in check and also place too much pressure over the abdomen.  When you over compress the whole of the hips, pelvis, and abdomen, you only bring an undesirable consequence of constricting the blood supply.  This belt adds pressure to the LumboSacral joints by using a mechanical advantage system that targets the area between and directly underneath the rear pads of the belt.  It does all of this with an easy, one-handed adjustment.  With lower lumbar belts, you have the problem of needing compression directly over the L4-5, and L5-S1 vertebrae and most larger and bulkier belts just won't offer a focalized compression to do the job.  This belt can help support and reduce pressure from Sciatica, Lower Disc Herniations, Sprains, Strains, muscle pain, Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction, hip instability and other pelvic, lower lumbar, and sacroiliac joint instability.

"I just wanted to touch base with you regarding the belt you sent our clinic to allow us to perform pt trials with. It has been wildly successful! Using it in conjunction with a wide elastic belt underneath for comfort, a pt with severe scoliosis who has undergone 5 lumbar surgeries has been able to manage her radicular sx, enabling her to stand and perform cooking activities without severe pain, increased her ambulation endurance from 50 feet to 300 feet, and begin a home exercise program to further increase her endurance and combat the deconditioning that has occurred while she was immobile. Thanks! I’ve tried the belt on every therapist in our department and we all agree that it is comfortable and provides excellent support to the SI region. You’re website is on our favorites list now, and we’ll be referring your product to our patients."

-Deanna Dreier, DPT


A Doctor's Perspective

"Use of the Biocybernetics S.I. and lower lumbar belt can accomplish what no other belts on the market have previously been able to do by actually offering real support to truly lock the L4-L5, L5-S1, and S.I. Joints into alignment and keep in place during its healing process.  This is very necessary after a Lumbo-Sacral injury or when the areas have become inflamed, as any further dysfunctional movement will cause a shearing force and further damage the joints.  I have personally seen patients heal faster with use of this belt and noticed that they do not become dependent on the belt once the Lumbo-Sacral joints become stabilized properly over time."                       

-Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.

The following testimonials are real customers and health providers that have had a personal experience they volunteered to share:

I've been a Physical Therapist for 28 years, specializing in Low Back Pain, Pelvic Floor Rehab, and Sacroiliac joint dysfunctions.  I have extensively researched, and tried multiple methods to conservatively maximize the recovery of my patients.  Recently I found and have utilized the SACROTECH for external stabilization of the pelvic girdle, and I am amazed!!  Our PT staff and patients have experienced WONDERFUL SUCCESS with it!  The SACROTECH is wonderfully EFFECTIVE!  Patient's report reduced pain, a feeling of security, and improved ease of functional motions immediately!  It is convenient, easy to fit and use, not hot or cumbersome, and easy to teach for proper patient compliance.  The increased joint stability and reduced inflammation is apparent within just a few days, leading to resolved pain and improved self management capabilities.  I highly recommend this product.

-Jacque Frye PT

"This Sacrotech took away my back pain moments after I put on.  It was easy put it on myself, didn't seem to inhibit any movement, and was so sleek  and comfortable that I forgot I had it on."

-Courtney Robinson
Simi Valley, CA

Hi, I purchased your SI belt a couple months ago. At first I was hesitant to spend that kind of money out of pocket, so I waited a month or so, but when you are in pain, you are ready to try nearly anything. Now I'm glad I did spend the money, as it's the best $100 I ever spent!. I have severe back issues, stemming from a 15 ft ladder fall which crushed all my lumbar discs, and then a few weeks later, slipping and landing on the right side of my pelvis, which damaged the SI joint on that side. I have been going to doctors for 2 years, with little relief. Physical therapy didn't work, traction didn't work, massages didn't work, nothing really helped, but usually they made it more painful. I have now been getting epidural nerve block shots for the last 4 months. I just had my 6th one last night. NONE of them work as well getting rid of the pain as your SI belt does when it's adjusted right! I had another SI belt that was prescribed by the doctor, but it was junk. It only compressed my hips, and made things worse, so I finally threw it away.

 Thank you!

 -Mike Engel

The Belt really is the best that happened to my sacroiliac joint  inflammation.  I was checking my condition with different doctors. I went through pain relieving pills to physiotherapy to injection in the joint. Nothing could help, but with the ingenious belt from you, I can live an almost pain free life. I and my family are very thankful.

-Daniel Holenstein
Zürich, Switzerland.

The Sacrotech LumboSacral Biocybernetic Belt:

It is a one size-size-fits-all that is made to fit sleekly, so it can be worn unobtrusively under clothing.   In addition, there are two hip pads that can add an extra fulcrum to further isolate the joints, or can be removed for added comfort and flexibility.  We are so sure that our LumboSacral belt will be the perfect solution to your problem, that we are offering free shipping and our 30-day money back guarantee!

item# SIB - Sacroiliac and LumboSacral Belt
List price: $129.00

On Sale for only $97.00 with Free Shipping!


Click here for instructions on how to use this belt



What if you could reverse the damage that age, gravity and unnecessary wear and tear has caused to your back?


 The Disc-Traction
® Belt

Finally, A Real Solution For Decompressing The Spine, While Strengthening and Rehabilitating the surrounding muscles and joints.

Click Here
for More Information or to order

The Disc-Traction Belt.



Posture Support Brace

Do you remember all of those times you mother told you to sit up straight? Turns out she was right. Correct posture not only improves the health and flexibility of your back, but also improves your confidence and appearance. The majority of the most powerful people in the world stand with their head high and shoulders back. Now, even if you did not listen to your mother, you can have the better look and feel of good posture. Our posture support brace secures above your waist and wraps around your shoulders, pulling the top of your stomach in and your shoulders back.

item# PSB  - Only $54.95 each 

Measure around bottom of ribs - Across Sternum


A Doctor's Perspective

"I have recommended this Posture Support Brace for my patients who have developed a forward slump from overuse of the pectoral and scalene muscles. This forward slump develops often times from prolonged activities such as computer use, reading, nursing a baby, driving, and sitting on an unsupportive couch. Using this brace will retrain the upper body posture, as well as take pressure off those tired and sore muscles. after just using this brace for a short period of time you will begin the retraining process of those muscles and therefore help reduce the dependence on the brace itself."

Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.
Author of Tendonitis.net and the #1 Back Pain site.


Back Pain Support and Relief Products

The BackForm Adjustable Memory Foam Seat Cushion

The Problem:

By now practically everybody knows how important posture is when sitting.  However, sitting up straight cannot occur unless the lumbar curve is properly supported.  Unfortunately, each person has a different lumbar curvature, so a one size fits all backrest isn't possible.  Also, even if you found the correct size to fit a person's lumbar curve, the support will still need to mold around the lumbar spine if you are to get a truly accurate posture positioning. 

 The Solution:

Until now the only way to get a backrest that fit each person's body properly was to take an impression of a person and have custom mold made.  With the new BackForm™ adjustable memory foam back rest, you can have the perfect fit by using our patented adjustable lumbar support mechanism combined with a high quality memory foam surface for the ultimate conforming comfort available.

With the BackForm™ adjustable memory foam seat cushion, you can take comfort and support with you, no matter where you are.  The compact, lightweight design makes having a BackForm™ adjustable Memory Foam Seat Cushion in your car, office, and home an easy solution for comfort and support.

The soft velour-type cover is removable for easy cleaning and features two velcro closure straps to keep the BackForm™ in place, no matter what type of seat  you have it in.  Measuring only 14 inches wide (plus about 2 inches for the adjustment knob) and 15 ½ inches tall, the BackForm™ is compact enough to easily carry on a plane, in a taxi, to your hotel, your friends house, or anywhere else. Once you have experienced the BackForm adjustable Memory Foam Seat Cushion for yourself, you will insist on having one in your car, office, and in your favorite chair at home.


   Just as with all of our products at Relief-Mart, we offer the BackForm™ adjustable memory foam seat cushion with our Free Shipping offer and our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. Be sure to check our status with the Better Business Bureau and the Safe Shopping Network too!

The BackForm
- Retail Price $129.95
On Sale for $99.95

Back Rest Supports

back supportUpper & Lower Back Support!
Don't settle for just lower back support! The larger Adjustable back rest with adjustable firmness provides upper and lower back support. The back rest has an ergonomic design for maximum support and comfort and an adjustable air bladder to support your lumbar area of the lower back,  while promoting better posture.

Target Your Low Back!
Inside the back rest is an inflatable lumbar support that can be easily raised or lowered by pulling on the straps located at the rear of the back rest. This allows you to position the lumbar support to your own personal comfort zone to maintain proper positioning of the lower back.

Adjust the Low Back Firmness!
Every back shape is different.  The patented adjustable air technology offers outstanding comfort and customized support for your lower and upper back.  You can easily adjust the degree of support by squeezing the pump to inflate the lumbar support or pressing the release valve to deflate the lumbar. 

Durable Fabric!
The front of the Adjustable air back rest is covered in a fabric with a truly revolutionary wicking process. This draws moisture away from the skin, absorbs it, and allows it to evaporate, so it remains dry to the touch. The fabric is immune to bacteria, fungus and body odor.

We know you will love them, but we still offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our products!

A Doctor's Perspective

One of the most difficult products to find for my patients has always been backrests.  This is because each person has a different amount of curve in their back, and there is no way to self measure this curve.  Therefore, unlike most backrests on the market, this air adjustable backrest support is a one size fits all.  If used correctly, this backrest will support the spine and postural muscles, thereby taking pressure off the joints of the spine.  

-Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.

Adjustable Air Backrest

back supportThe patented adjust-air™ system provides the ultimate in adjustable support for the lumbar spine.  There are two layers of high-density polyurethane foam supported by a rigid frame.  The front cover of the backrest is made from a revolutionary breathable fabric.  In addition to providing you with ergonomic support at work, this larger version is perfect for automobile seats.  An adjustable strap system with snap-buckle that will fit a wide range of seat backs.  Dimensions: 21" high x 19" wide x 3" thick

Order your Full-Size adjustable air backrest:
Item# MF1-
List $69.95 each
Now $64.95

Travel Size  Adjustable Air Backrest

back supportAll  the same patented adjust-air™ system specifications, only in a smaller travel size version.  This lower back support is perfect for people on the go.  It's light, portable, and fits virtually any type of seat.

Order your Travel-Size adjustable air backrest:
Was $23.95 each 
Now $21.95 


The Adjustable Air Back Support Brace

Finally, a back support brace that puts pressure exactly where you need it most!

back support beltGet instant back pain relief with this unique patented lumbo-sacral back support belt with inside adjustable air cells that inflate to provide a custom fit and offer focused compression of the low back (lumbar and upper sacral area).  This back support belt can be inflated simply by pressing on the easy to use pump that is imbedded in the belt.  It's Self-Contained Pneumatic System is designed to be low profile and easy to use.  This back support belt is slender and fits very easily under clothing.  The soft elastic mesh panels and ventilation holes increase breath-ability and enhance comfort.  With a overlapping double-pull strap design, our back support belt provides additional support to the lumbar and abdominal areas and the flexible stays are positioned to provide optimum support in the lumbar area.  We also have gripper strips are made of a rubber material which is strategically sewn inside each support to prevent migration. The large gel pad helps by providing cold therapy to reduce swelling and/or hot  therapy to increase blood flow and stimulate recovery.  The ice/hot gel pad attaches into the back support belt securely and can easily be attached or unattached as necessary.  Suspenders can be purchased separately.  We believe this is simply the best back support belt on the market, but we still offer a 30 day money back guarantee on this product!

Item# AFG AirBrace  Support with Removable Gel Pad 
Was $79.95 each
On Sale for only $59.95

A Doctor's Perspective

"I find that patients respond immediately to having their back supported with this belt.  The easy air pump mechanism has the pump control imbedded in the front of the belt so you can easily adjust it at anytime.  This will allow right amount of pressure to support the joints and muscles of the back.  I personally use all products that I recommend to my patients and I picked this patented adjustable air support belt because it is much more supportive for the whole lumbar spine than any other belt on the market.  Adding the attachable cold gel pack will reduce inflammation to the area more effectively than just resting an ice pack on your back.  Heating up the gel pad can provide soothing relaxation to the muscles."

-Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.


Attachable suspenders:

Some people prefer to use suspenders, especially when wearing the belt on the outside of clothing, as the suspenders enable you let the back support belt remain hanging off your body while not in use, while being easily accessible when needed for more support.

Item # SA: Removable Black Suspenders - Only $12.95

Attachable Gel Pad:

back support gelYou can purchase an extra hot and cold therapy Gel Pad that easily attaches to the belt to fit directly over the low back.  This Gel Pad helps defeat the back pain cycle by providing cold therapy to reduce swelling and /or hot therapy to increase blood flow and stimulate recovery.  The ice/hot gel pad attaches securely in place and can easily be attached or unattached as necessary.

Item# GP - Ice/Hot Gel Pad Insert - Was $14.95 each
Now on sale for only $12.95

The Natural Pain Reliever plus Glucosamine and MSM for back pain sufferers.

Most topical pain relievers are simply not enough to handle back pain. Something above and beyond the average topical pain relievers on the market is definitely needed. With the collaboration of doctors and biochemists, we had Therapain® Plus formulated exclusively for Relief-Mart.  It's easy to use spray formula can rapidly penetrate the lower and upper back to target the painful areas.  We strongly believe that this amazing penetrating spray is the best topical pain relieving formula on the market!  We are so convinced that you will not find a better product, that we will give you a full refund if you are not totally satisfied.   

Therapain® Plus will not only help with your lower back pain, you can use it everywhere! Therapain® Plus can help with any muscle pain and also works on joint pain, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, and many other conditions. Therapain® Plus comes with a full money back guarantee.  Just try the product for up to 30 days.  If you are not totally satisfied, send the unused portion to us and we will give you a 100% refund.  As you can see, we really believe in this product! So order today, you have nothing to lose but your pain!   Each spray bottle contains 4 fluid oz of the following ingredients:  Natural l-Menthol 2%, Isopropyl Alcohol, Water, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Natural Skin Conditioner, and over 14,000Mg of Glucosamine Sulfate and Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM).  Read label for directions.

Item# TPP - Therapain Plus® Suggested Retail Price $39.95
On sale for: $29.95 
New Online Special!  Order 1 or 2 bottles and pay only $3.95 flat shipping, or Purchase 3 bottles of Therapain Plus and you not only qualify for the FREE SHIPPING but you also earn a 10% discount on each bottle! Save More Than $20.00 compared to buying one bottle at a time!*

International or Express orders must click here to be taken to the proper ordering page.

*As always, if you order 1 or 2 bottles of Therapain Plus and any other item from our website, you pay only the shipping for the other item!

Sleeping Support Wedges

Relieve Pressure And Strain On Your Low Back

Leg Spacer for Side Sleepers

Do you sleep on your side, only to wake up with pain and stiffness in your lower back? This spacer pillow is designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, knees and ankles. This pillows unique, hourglass shape fits between your legs or knees and moves with you when you turn over. It reduces the strain and stress on the back, which can occur while sleeping on your side and can cause lower back pain, by aligning the legs and thereby preventing the torque that occurs with unnecessary hip rotation.  You won't need straps, it will stay where you put it thanks to its hourglass shape. This spacer pillow is covered with a very nice blue cloud fabric. 10" x 8" x 6".

Item# LS Leg Spacer: $ 29.19
On sale for $25.95 each

A Doctor's Perspective

When laying on your side, putting an orthopedic leg spacer between your knees will prevent rotation of the pelvis and spine.  This measure will combine to keep your spine in a more correct alignment while helping to promote a better, more comfortable sleep.  My patients tell me that they like using this leg spacer better than a pillow because it locks in for better support.

-Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.

Knee Elevator Wedge for Back Sleeping

This pillow is perfect for back sleepers or lounging on your back while watching TV or reading.  This simple positioning wedge is an excellent support for the reduction of circulatory problems such as edema, knee pain and low back pain. Combine this wedge with a quality cervical support pillow and you may have found the perfect night's sleep. Covered with a cotton/poly blue cloud fabric. 17" x10" x7".

Item #KEW Knee Elevator Wedge: $34.79 each
On sale for $28.49 each

A Doctor's Perspective

"Placing a wedge pillow under your legs while on your back will be beneficial, as it can reduce the traction from the Psoas muscles attached to the spine, thereby taking pressure of the spine.  Patients tell me that using this wedge takes immediate pressure off the back and offers more relief than a less supportive pillows that they have tried previously."

Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.
Author of
Tendonitis.net and the #1 Back Pain site.



Our Commitment to You

At Relief-Mart we are committed to bringing  you only the highest quality health products at an everyday low price.  We are so convinced that our products work that we  will refund your total purchase price within 30 days if you are not 100% satisfied (see our guarantee for more information).

Read this Site Disclaimer!

Ask the doctor and other site information herein is provided for product informational purposes only.  This should in no way be a substitute for regular medical care  Do not delay in seeking medical advice due to something you have read on this site!  You should contact your physician for further information, diagnosis, testing, or advice on how to use the information/products listed in this site.  For more information, see our site disclaimer.

* Some items are shipped by special order only. Please see our shipping policy page for more information.


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